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Skincare Must Haves for Oily Skin

Hey Dolls and Gents!

Today's post is dedicated to all things skincare for the oily girl or guy! I have extremely oily skin and have finally found the products and routine that works great for me! During quarantine, I have grown even more obsessed with taking extra care of my skin by drinking a ton of water, taking my vitamins, getting that much needed 7-8 hours of sleep in addition to products and skincare rituals I've started over the last 5 months. My holy grail skincare products are consistent especially the brands I choose. I am a creature of habit so I continue to repurchase what works for me. Now let's get into it!

Take Care of Yourself!

Don't sleep on the importance of paying attention to how you treat yourself. There is nothing worse than hearing someone rave about how much care they take in their skin routine when they don't drink water or eat horribly. Now, let's be clear, I am nowhere near where I want to be diet wise, however, I do make a conscious effort to ensure I am at least monitoring my diet and stopping to think about the things that I intake on a daily basis. My current goal is 120 oz of water per day, decreasing my overall carb intake, limiting dairy, and taking my vitamins. I have also been enjoying skincare rituals like steaming, dermaplaning and masking once bi-weekly. #SelfCareSunday


The steamer I use of from Amazon, it's really easy to use. Simply fill the tank with distilled water and turn it on. Begin steaming by sitting face forward toward the steamer nozzle maintaining a distance of 8 inches. One of the main benefits of steaming is the steam opens up your pores to allow for the loosening of any dirt and buildup. Additionally, this process helps to soften blackheads for easier removal and promotion of circulation as the warm steam helps the perspiration process which dilates the blood vessels.

DIY Dermaplaning:

First let me be clear, dermaplaning should be done by a professional using a surgical scalpel. So try this at your own risk. Since we're in quarantine, I obviously do not have access or am uncomfortable with seeing a professional so I chose to perform the diy option. Dermaplaning is a largely dermatologist recommended treatment for managing skin issues like breakouts, wrinkles, dullness, etc. It removes the extra layers of dead skin cells from the face offering a form of exfoliation to the skin. It is done by gently scraping the surface of the skin removing the dead layers. The diy dermaplaning tool I use is from Amazon. I reuse the tool keeping them sanitized with alcohol, however, I am intentional to not use each of the tools more than twice. I typically perform dermaplaning midway through my steaming session as I prefer to complete this process while my skin is moist. Some of the pros of dermaplaning are brighter, smother, skin. Some cons are potentially cutting yourself and if you have sensitive skin of course applying product later could sting a bit. Again, this is a very involved beauty ritual you should do your research and try at your own risk!

After steaming and dermaplaning I usually do some sort of mask.

Holy Grail Skincare Products:

These are the products I have used for at least the last 9-10 months and I swear buy them. I double cleanse my face btw... The products that last the longest are the Ole Henriksen brightening set which has been repurchased twice in 9-10 months and the drunk elephant serum which I have actually not had to repurchase yet (a little goes a long way)!

Exfoliant: Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask (Feeling Beautiful)

Cleanser: Micellar Foaming Facial Wash (Garnier) and Enzyme Cleansing Gel (Mario Badescu)

Toner: Cucumber Cleansing Lotion (Mario Badescu)

Hydrating Serum: B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum (Drunk Elephant)

Serum/Eye Cream/Moisturizer: Let's Get Luminous Brightening Set (Ole Henriksen)

Facial Spritz: SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist (Garnier)

If you are someone who has extremely oily or combination skin I absolutely recommend these products and rituals.

Don't forget to take care of yourself inside and out!

I hope this was helpful!








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